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Heather ‘Calluna Vulgaris’


Calluna are low-growing or dwarf evergreen shrubs with stems clothed in tiny overlapping leaves, and terminal, spike-like racemes of small, 4-petalled flowers with coloured calyces


Plant type






H4 (hardy)



Pink in Autumn and Summer


Green in Autumn, Spring, Summer and Winter


Ultimate height

0.1-0.5 metres

Ultimate spread

0.1-0.5 metres

Time to ultimate height

5-10 years

How to grow


  • Full sun


  • North-facing, East-facing or West-facing
  • Sheltered or Exposed


Grow in well-drained acidic soil in full sun


  • Well-drained or Moist but well-drained
  • Acid
  • Sand, Clay or Loam


Propagate by semi-hardwood cuttings

Suggested planting locations and garden types

Banks and Slopes, City/Courtyard Gardens, Cottage/Informal Garden, Flower borders and beds, Ground Cover or Wildlife Gardens


Phalaenopsis Orchid


Botanical name: Phalaenopsis ‘Doris’

Other names: Moth orchid ‘Doris’

Genus: Phalaenopsis

Variety or cultivar: ‘Doris’ _ ‘Doris’ is a free flowering, rich-pink orchid. These popular orchids like ventilation, and shelter from strong sunlight.

Phalaenopsis ‘Doris’ is: Deciduous

Flower: Dark-pink in All seasons

Foliage: Green in All seasons

Habit: Upright

Watch out for

Specific pests: Aphids , Glasshouse red spider mite , Mealybugs , Scale insects

Diseases: May suffer from virus.

General care

Pruning: After flowering the spike can be cut down, if it is healthy, by two nodes (below the top two spent blooms) to produce further flowers. Do not allow these plants to dry out for long. Allow excess water to drain away.

Propagation: Propagate by seed in spring at 15ºC to 18ºC, or by softwood cuttings.

Propagation methods: Softwood cuttings

February, November

Divide and replant bulbs in autumn or early spring

March, April, May, June, July, August, September

Mist orchid daily

May, June, July, August

Apply a fertiliser regularly if container grown

Any time

Water orchid when new growth appears

Any time

Re-pot orchid

Phalaenopsis ‘Doris’ (Moth orchid ‘Doris’) will reach a height of 0.5m and a spread of 0.5m after 5-10 years.

Suggested uses: Containers, Greenhouse, Indoor

Cultivation: Plant in a shallow container filled with orchid compost. Keep a minimum night temperature of 16-19°C (61-66ºF). If the plant doesn’t produce flower spikes, reduce the temperature by 5°C for four weeks to encourage blooms.

Chamomile ‘Chamaemelum nobile’


Other names: Common chamomile, Wild chamomile, Scotch chamomile, Lawn chamomile, Roman chamomile, German chamomile, Sweet chamomile, Corn chamomile, St Anne’s flower, Ground apple, Sweet chamomile, Pellitory of Spain, Dog’s chamomile, Ground apple, Wild chamomile

Genus: Chamaemelum

Species: C. nobile – C. nobile is a mat-forming perennial, with finely divided, aromatic leaves and white daisy-like flowers with yellow centers.

Chamaemelum nobile is: Deciduous

Flower: White, Yellow in Summer

Foliage: Green in Summer

Fragrance: Finely divided leaves are aromatic

Habit: Mat Forming

Watch out for

General care

Pruning: Trim plants regularly to encourage compact, dense growth.

Propagation methods: Division, Seed

June, July

Deadhead regularly (optional)

Chamaemelum nobile (Common chamomile) will reach a height of 0.5m and a spread of 0.5m after 2-5 years.

Suggested uses: City, Cottage/Informal, Beds and borders, Ground Cover

Cultivation: Plant in any light, well-drained soil in full sun.