Monthly Archives: June 2012

Bundles of Pretty Florets all around me :)


Papaver rhoeas.


I got this from a mixed seed packet but i think its Papaver Nudicaule, which is the Iceland poppy.

The Wildflower garden is starting to fill out beautifully, so far with an array of poppies, charlock, and scabious.   Hopefully it will attract some pollinating and pretty wildlife soon.

Dahlias filling out the window box, with a space in the middle to sow successions of seeds such as salad leaves.



First Sweet pea. The first time i have tried growing them trailing and seems to be working nicely so far!


Papaver Bliss


The poppies have started to bloom all around the garden so spirits are high! Wild flowers really do like to grow up through the rubble.  The former industrial dumping ground (our back garden) with its low fertility is responsible for the flourishing of these flowers (very few weeds to compete with), which means you really can turn an area of trash into treasure 🙂