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Organic, healthy and delicious Energy Truffles :-)


Makes 12-14 Truffles

100g Organic medjool dates (Make sure they are Pitted!)
1 x Cup plain mixed nuts
1 x Cup Desiccated coconut (to add to mixture)
1 x Tablespoon Organic Virgin Cold pressed Coconut Oil
2 x Tablespoons Cocoa Blend Powder

2 x Teaspoon mixed Spice (Cinnamon, nutmeg etc)
Extra Desiccated Coconut for dipping Truffles.

-Place Nuts and Coconut in blender until the nuts have crumbled into a flour.
-Add all the remaining ingredients and blend until a sticky dough forms
– Roll the mixture in to little truffle balls, then dip the truffles in the extra coconut and place on a tray or in a bowl and store in the fridge ready for when you need a healthy and delicious energy boost!