Hostas. I love these so much. I planted this at the beginning of May and it is poking up nicely. The slugs adore hostas so much protection is needed!


After the wettest and coldest June on record it looks like July isn’t going to be rosy either…

Very drenched at work today..

Petunias have stopped draining all together and are now sat in a pool of water…

However… they seem to be tolerating it well…

…and still manged to harvest a stack of produce including Kale, Courgette, lots of lettuce and some lushious looking parsley and basil



Beach Aster Erigeron glaucus ‘Sea Breeze’


A few wild flowers from around the garden look pretty in this terracotta vase.

This Anemone is still looking beautiful even after the high speed winds wiped out a few of them. And this hungry bumble bee obviously thinks so too. Nice to see some pollinators back.

The cut and come again lettuce is looking surprisingly healthy. The Bark chippings that I lay around the patch has definitely deterred the slimy beasts. They don’t appear to be able to slither over such a rough texture. The plants have also benefited a great deal from being in partial shade next to a small hedge. They haven’t wilted atall and are currently providing a continuous supply 🙂

One measley Strawberry so far!

Mis-shapen Courgettes! The most common cause of this is the long stretch of wet weather that has been ensuing.  Insects aren’t out in force so pollination is poor.. sunless days with excess moisture encourages the rot that has deceased the lives of a few of the fruits..

So I have started removing the flowers to prevent further rot,  and some of the lower leaves to allow better air circulation. Also a dose of calcium might help!


First courgette ready to pick

Yellow Senecio

Pink Celosia

The herb garden/veg and wildflower patch is starting to take form. Lettuce at the back and a selection of herbs including basil, oregano, coriander,sage, chives and parsley.

First tomato forming!

Warts at the bottom of a tomato stem – They are just the beginnings of the potential roots that would develop if they were under the soil.


Hydrangea first blooms

The Weeping Cedrus Libani is thriving since i planted at the beginning of April. Lots of new shoots forming…

…and… fruit has appeared! in the form of a cone.


Change of career or change of climate??

Clearing up the fallen branches..

Smoke bush cotinus coggygria ‘royal purple’  glistening  with shiny raindrops

Bright yellow flower and first courgette powering through!

Variegated grass


Beautiful pink Anemones flowering around the Buxus. Can also be used for cutting displays.


Just another couple of the beautiful hybrid roses as i can’t stop admiring them!

And some more colour appearing in pots..

Long over due petunias (frills and spills)

The golden magnolias just popping their heads up around the Buxus

The edible flower


A selection of the beautiful plants/shrubs i’m currently working with. Alot of them have just started to bloom and the garden is beaming 🙂

A hybrid tea variety of rose.. possibly ‘Just Joey’

Azalea Japonica

Weigela Florida Variegata

And progress in the greenhouse.. although tropical temperatures have left things looking a little crispy!


Some treats from the southern hemisphere to add an exotic feel to the courtyard area

Cordyline Australis

Phoenix palm


Finally managed to  identify this one!!

A red Pieris


Another day of torrential rain at the office!

Despite slipping over on my wee bum (thanks to gooey mud) numerous times,  i managed to partially erect a home made cloche and also hopefully save the lives of the members of the establishing herb garden.

Time to escape into the dry of my favoured jovial dwelling

Pots of lemon coriander and petunias waiting patiently for some dry weather so they can finally flourish outside..

Cabbage seedlings, Sage and Marigolds all ready to plant out… Need some sunshine soon.. the soil is turning too green!


I planted one of these today! Cedrus libani ‘Glauca Pendula’ Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar


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